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Wave 7 Gallery

Amanda Ray

Originally from Surrey, Amanda has been making raku fired jewellery since 1992. Whilst the geometric lines mainly refer to the art deco period, other ideas are drawn from local contemporary paintings and sculpture, present as well as past. The surrounding landscape and coastline, with its ever changing colours are reflected by the use of many vibrant pigments and a range of designs using earthy tones over textured surfaces were inspired whilst travelling in Australia. The bisqued pieces are glazed using silver nitrate with coloured stains and fired to red heat. Quickly removing them from the kiln into tins of wood chippings and paper, they immediateiy self ignite. The flames transform the glazes to create a highly lustrous finish, whilst areas left unglazed are carbonised by the smoke to provide a dark matt and contrasting surface.Before joining the Gaolyard Studios in 2005, Amanda worked as studio assistant to Pietro Maddelena at La Meridiana Ceramics School in Tuscany. Her work is on permanent exhibition in about thirty galleries throughout the United Kingdom and more recently in France and Italy.

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