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Wave 7 Gallery

Andrew Redden


Andrew has painted and drawn for as long as he can remember. As a child he was also a prolific model kit builder – predominantly aircraft and ships – as well as being fascinated by wildlife and fishing. All of these, coupled with a love of coastal landscapes, the English countryside and historic architecture, have profoundly influenced the subject matter of his paintings and drawings.

He studied art at Canterbury developing a portfolio and social skills that enabled him to land his first job in a major London advertising agency. This was the tail end of the 'Mad Men' era, so there were no computers and plenty of thinking and drinking on your feet. Andrew learned a whole range of traditional skills from typography to quality control of the production process working across press, print and television. His favourite medium was the poster.

As his career built through various big name agencies, he won many creative awards for his work on accounts such as British Airways, Tesco and Motorola. But he always kept his hand in, occasionally creating original artwork for campaigns, as well as a set of illustrations for a children's book. In 2003 the corporate world lost its appeal and Andrew decided to return full time to his love of painting and drawing.


Port Isaac
54cm /57cm


Into Port Quin

Artists Proof

54cm / 64cm


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