Wave 7 Gallery

Mike Moss

Born in Preston, Lancashire in 1948. Emigrated to Australia in his twenties and later travelled to New Zealand where he held his first exhibition. Returned to the UK to attend both Preston and Plymouth Colleges of Art before eventually settling in Cornwall. In 1984 Michael won the Western Morning News Open Art Competition and in 1991 he was a prize-winner in the Ecco-Goodhousekeeping Open  Exhibition. Exhibiting three South West Opens and in 1996 he won prizes in the Mixed Media and Drawing categories of the Society of Artists for Cornwall. In 1997 he was a prize-winner in the Sterts Open Competition and in 1998 he won two prizes in the Watercolour and Drawing sections in the Society of Artists in Cornwall. In 2006 he won the Watercolour prize at Stuart House.


Terns at sunset


130cm / 100cm



Sea Mist off Port Quin


49cm / 38cm



Snow Flurries


69cm / 54cm




33cm / 37cm