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Wave 7 Gallery

Peter J E Matthews

Memory, desire and identity are the main themes of the works.  Many of my paintings break up the picture surface into separate canvasses without losing the atmosphere of place. These devices are intentionally theatrical and attempt to catch a fleeting moment. It might be summer memory of breeze, sun, heat and rolling waves when travelling on the Star Ferry in Hong Kong or it might be a grey snow storm in the Close in Salisbury.  In other works the memory, desire and identity might include a toucan, or an eclipse of the moon! Peter Matthews qualified with a Degree in Fine Art from Bristol, an MFA in Painting from the University of Reading and a Fellowship at Cheltenham where he lectured. After graduating he lectured in Fine Art at many colleges across England including Middlesbrough, Stockton, Trowbridge, Andover and Southampton.


Rock Triptych




Crinkle Crankle Alley Hedge, Chatsworth



Enigmatic Variations


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