Wave 7 Gallery

Robert Wilde

Born in Sheffield with easy access to Derbyshire’s “Black Peak”, he became aware of the forces of nature and developed a passion for the remote outdoors. He has spent time in the high Arctic, visited both Greenland and Iceland, and worked off “the Labrador”. More recently he has visited Antarctica. Now living in London and Cornwall, he spends time walking the rugged coast of North Cornwall from where most of his current work is derived. His landscapes and seascapes are inspired by the visual power of the sea and coastal land form, overlaid by the dynamic effects of weather. Most of his work is the product of studio work based on sketches and memories which he believes are the “companions of observation”. His works seek to capture the transient effects of weather together with a “sense of place” - much in the romantic tradition. Whilst the images are representative of actual location, they use abstract interpretation augmented by colour and varied painting techniques, the result of which is intended to stimulate the observer’s awareness of the forces of nature.


Bound for America


55cm / 55cm



High wind


55cm / 55cm



On Shore Mist


66cm / 66cm