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Wave 7 Gallery

Victoria Y- J

Since growing up on the North Cornwall coastline Victoria Y- J has become heavily influenced by the changing light of the different seasons and the effect it has on the colours of the land, sky and sea. Her abstract paintings are interpretations of the landscape, however she invites the viewer to interpret the paintings in their own way.  ‘We view the effects of light more than we see light itself, the sunlight on the coast exposes a fascinating variety of vibrant colours on the horizon and the ever changing light effects the colours on the land. In my paintings I try to capture a mood, recreate movement and texture within the landscape. I extract the colours from my studies and the process of mixing the materials together often becomes more important then trying to replicate the image in front of me.’


Hawkers Cove

100cm / 100cm


IMG_5371 (3).jpg

Mixed media
33cm / 45cm

IMG_5372 (2).jpg

Autumn Leaf
Mixed media
33cm / 24cm


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